We are seeking a full-time Electronics / Electrical Engineer to join our small research and development team. The ideal candidate has a strong background in embedded systems development, maintenance, and troubleshooting. We rapidly design and prototype electronic systems that involve computers, microcontrollers, sensors, electric motors, electronic speed controllers, pneumatics, hydraulics, wireless comms, and displays.

We often complete projects on an aggressive schedule with a short period of preparation, so this position presents a unique opportunity for design and engineering to occur on the shop floor. The ideal candidate will be able to make to design changes and tight deadlines and will be equally at ease working independently and collaborating with other team members. All full-time team members may be involved in on-water testing, which allows everyone a chance to get outside and to gain perspective on the choices that were made in the shop.



  • Firmware development involving ARM, AVR, and Arduino systems.

  • To assist with electronics hardware design, build, and packaging for electronics hardware used in a marine environment.

  • To assist with design, debug, and testing of electromechanical drive systems and control PCBs.

  • To source parts and to complete various tasks related to designing and implementing new hardware.



  • BS in Electrical Engineering or similar.

  • Experience with embedded software.

  • Experience with ARM, AVR, Arduino microcontrollers.

  • Experience analyzing and debugging analog and digital circuits.

  • Experience with electromechanical control systems that include brushless motors and electronic speed controllers.

  • An aptitude for and willingness to learn new skills.

  • Ability to adapt to design and schedule changes as needed.

  • Good communication and time management skills.



  • Experience with Linux.

  • Experience with C++, Java, Python.

  • Experience with wiring harness and prototype device assembly.
  • Experience building physical hardware in a machine shop.

  • Boating, kiting, or surfing experience, or a willingness to help with on-water testing.

  • Willingness to put in extra hours.



Kai Concepts is located in Alameda, CA. Email us for Jetfoiler inquiries.